Well, nothing like trying an interactive post when your blog is not accepting comments. Not sure what is happening there, but I’m working on it.
I am choosing to believe that many have made comments that have been lost into the internet ether. So, until I can get comments back, please let’s try that a different way.
Recall our obese, diabetic patient who wants to start an exercise program.
-Does he need a stress test before starting?  Does he need anything before starting?
-Can he jump right in to Crossfit? What is your advice for beginning an exercise plan?
-other thoughts, frustrations, successes?

Please share, I’ll compile the most interesting comments and share back with the rest of the readers (lurkers).  You can deliver your thoughts via email (Erin Snyder UAB Email is fine), page, tweet (just let me know by including @ihaterashes, or you can DM), or this google docs form.
Have at it!


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