Welcome to I hate rashes. This is an interactive blog primarily for UAB residents.  I hope to share things that I am learning about ambulatory care every day, and take our patient checkout discussions beyond the clinic conference room.  I will post clinical pearls, articles, and insights, and I really hope that you will do the same.  This is for your education- the more you put in, the more you will get out.  This blog is just another tool that you can use to put more in. I would love to have guest posters at any time- so you can share that handout you made for AMR, or the great article that you found that really answers your clinical question.  Just let me know.

In case you are wondering- the name comes from one of the more common opening lines that I hear from residents.  No one thinks they know anything about dermatology- but they always know more than they think.  This is often how residents feel about continuity clinic overall.  Just give it a try and you might surprise yourself.



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